Who Said Life is Logical

In darkness one knows light

In hardness you value softness

In life’s joyous moment you forget it’s blows

If in the same line, is death

To teach us what is life and living.

I tried to read life and people around in vain

To see if life has a pattern, a meaning, a purpose

A rule book, a ruler  and set of players,

For order in chaos, for a road map

For no amount of googling can answer why and how

Father time operates and what is well lived life.

For people die, poor and rich, young and old

Healthy, sick, busy, lazy, giving or taking

Working  hard or hardly working

Better placed or worse off than how they entered this life,

So what is life. Is it a temporary sojourn

A pit stop with continuity before and after life

How does one say a well lived life

Is it in number years spent in earth

Or is it leaving it a better place than your came in

If one is to go in his own journey leaving people behind

Why meet up, team up and live together

with a open ended contract end of which

A living dead and another dead living.

Will any one answer this please!!!