Living Life

To be or not to to be, the question from time immemorial

If everything in life is impermanent, To be here today and vanish tomorrow

To light you up now and pit you to darkness then

If everything is to end suddenly here, in this corporeal world

If dynasties were to fall for new one to ascend

If waves and cyles are the designs of life,

Do you dare to face the viscititudes of life.

Like travellers on Earth in a perpetual trail

From one place to another and on constant move

Knowing not the destination and duration

Yet being in the movement and enjoying life.

Do we live like a butterfly on the moment,

Darting between flowers ever in motion drinking nectar

To have a colourful, dancing and short life

Or to be like a turtle slow and steady,

Carrying the burden of world in its shoulder long

Will some one or can some tell,

What is the right way or is there a right way.

Life as I see around, in its multitudes

Today at the top of the world, Happy, joyous, proud, contented and fulfilled

Tomorrow like a ship wrecked, grounded and shattered

Woe to the life, how I wish I can understand you.