Memory and Mind – A random thought

Two unconnected things happened today that set in motion this writing. There was this movie “The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” in the Television which I decided to watch intrigued by the title. And I got a call from one of my ex colleague for a discussion on a topic. This itself is nothing new but what made it so was the fact that I have been away from the industry for the last three years. Looks like he had more faith in me than myself for I had no problem in engaging in deep conversation on the topic with the least amount of trigger. Apparently I still had it in me.

Now to the movie. It is about how two connected people decide to erase their memory of their relationship on a fit of moment viola it is done. Their connection is cut and they part ways. Fast forward few years and they meet once again and are attracted to each other. They have no obvious memory of their early relationship and yet internally in their system they feel that they must of known each other before.  Looks like they have only managed to erase it from day to day memory while the system had archived it.

That triggered the following spate of question.

  • Is it possible for us to retain good and useful memory and obliterate unfavourable, unwanted, dangerous damaging thoughts (of thoughts triggered by, arising out of, continuing, and damaging because of the memory) and memory?
  • Can I switch on and switch off memory and control my mind?
  • Can I sweep it and clean my mind every day at my will? Where does the debris go then? What happens to them.
  • Is it possible to have a spotless mind which essentially means permanence?
  • For spotless mind means no thought or feelings of anger, jealousy, desire, lack etc. which all religions state as the reason for the illness of mankind is it possible to have such a mind. If so how do, we do it.
  • Would a person still be interesting when that happens? When you have twenty-four hours of sunshine with no day break how does one feel.
  • Is it good to erase memory even bad ones for there is an aphorism to the contrary – those who forget history get to repeat it. Will it be dangerous
  • But if the memory is going to be debilitating, making it difficult to function in daily life would it be better if it is overwritten.
  • Does it get automatically overwritten on piling up of new thoughts, activities, events and interaction with people?
  • Is mind disorders because of over-crowding, repetitive visualization, non-actionable and negative memory.
  • Does information overload help one or inhibit one for it is loaded in favor of short term memory
  • On an esoteric note, might it be true that we have many lives, reincarnate again and again and our memory is reset every time leaving us with only residual tendencies. Do these tendencies has any impact on our actions?

The inquiry continues…………