Cosmos and Man

Tree of life, circle of life, river of life are some of the terms used for the journey of life that is comprised of permanent change!, ups and downs, meandering, expansion and constriction, soaring and souring in the dump, of colours of spectrum and of all in between shades. As above so below, the famous saying shows the close relationship between the cosmos and mankind where both man and nature are needed for the survival of each other and nature more so for man. The Chinese creation. Mythology explains this as below.

According to one of the Chinese mythology of creation, the god of creation is “Pangu”, who creates our earth and separates earth and Sky out of darkness and chaos.  First there was a cosmic egg in which he was growing. He comes out breaking the egg, where by out of the material thrown out and up the sky is formed and earth by that which was thrown down, further creating yin and yang, spirit and matter, sky and earth. He grew the world, got tired and died. From his body the world and all the elements in it and human body grew as below.

From his breadth – wind and clouds

Voice – thunder and lightning

Eyes – sun and moon

Arms & Legs – 4 directions

Trunk – mountain

Flesh – soil and the trees in it

Blood – rivers and veins

Hair – gross and herbs, skin

Bones and teeth – stones and minerals

Sweat- rain and dews

Hairs in the head – stars in the sky

Moods and emotions – weather

Thus was the world created and human beings came later. The similarly between man, the world and all things in the world are unmistakable. It is also apparent that the man who is born from nature, grows with the help of nature, akin to nature, who is sustained by nature when at the end of his life dies, becomes fossilised and morphs and merges into mountains, trees, minerals, rainfall and so on. Thus man and nature become indispensable to each other and more so nature to man.

Considering the billions of years it has taken for the cosmos to evolve and vast ness of it, its complexity, its interrelatedness man as an individual is just a speck and looks insignificant. That he is like any other element, plants, and animals and other life forms with slightly advanced consciousness.

But many a men live their majority of their life unconsciously.  The challenges of life are various and as many as the number of men present. By overcoming the known, unknown and random obstacles man is able to lead his life successfully until he becomes oneness with nature.

  • inspiration from “Understand Chinese mythology” by Teresa Moorey


Meditation is the simple practice of withdrawing from activity, sitting still, pulling ones sense organs internally- eyes closed, ears blocked to outside noise – mind being oblivious to the external disturbances of TV, radio, print media, conversations, and other noises. When that happens the energy that is focused there off, needing something to focus on, is automatically turned inward to ones own thoughts, emotions, desire, aspirations, wants, neediness and so on. Observation of these thought patterns, here the operating word is observation and not control, is of immense use in understanding self, obtaining clarity of why one behaves the way he behaves, and knowing the way ahead.

To quote from upanishad the conversation between saje Yagnavalkiya and king Janaka, where Janaka wants to know the cause of light or knowledge, he raises a question and the conversation goes like this.

What serves man for light – The Sun

When the sun has set forth what gives light -The Moon

When there is no moon  – The Fire offers light

When the fire is extinguished – The voice

And when there is no voice –

Then he himself, the Atman, the soul, his own inner light guides him. That which is the spirit behind the sense organs, one that is in ones heart, soul, mind, in and out and the essential knowledge acts as light to oneself. That is in knowing oneself one becomes light unto himself.

Thus the man who spends his energy in gathering knowledge from his environment, seldom spends time to understand himself, his true desires, needs, wants, aspirations, his weakness and strengths, that which would lead him to ultimate happiness. Unknown and invisible these ideas, creative instincts, thought forms that are not expressed create a gnawing discontent in him despite all the progress he might have made.

The meditation is an appointment with oneself to understand the question – ” Who am I?”. It is a method of self help, counseling, brain storming such that alignment of the soul, spirit,Mind and actions can be enabled.

It is a practice to understand ourselves, our existence, truth of our being, our mind, gain knowledge and ultimately obtain bliss.

There are multiple names, forms and techniques of meditation. Ultimately it is a natural process available to everyone freely. So let us meditate.