What is yours ??

Who are you, what is yours?

You are not your body,

you did not create it and you did not wish to be create it.

It is your parents!

No it is their parents, grandparents and their lineage.

But not theirs, for you are the spirit that animated you.

Yet the spirit is not yours, it is the amalgam of universe.

You got ignited when your soul entered your body.

Formed and kept in structure by the earth,

Your senses need five elements of air, ether, fire, water and earth.

Yet your senses sans mind cannot function,

For mind is a function of consciousness and knowledge

And that comes from the world around.

Where in world is enmeshed in cosmos ,universe.

Who the creator, protector and destroyer know we not.

If everything that makes is not yours,

Everything you consider yours is also not yours.

You are created in the earth and playing the part in the game,

Where the rules are not yours and players is not your choice.

Yet you continue to play this make believe Like a child playing a game.

You are born, you grow, you learn, you desire and you acquire.

You are proud shallow, sad and joyful.

You start getting attached, you create legacy and forget none of it yours.

While one fine day, when fate plays it’s hand takes away your life and valuables.

You ask where is my …………..

It was not yours in the first place.