On being Rational

Ignorance is the bane of humanity. It is the cause for sorrow, unawareness and despair. Without knowledge and strong reason, unceasing sensory excitements, fears, problems of the world will continue to affect one.  All that ails the man, such as apathy, lack of dignity, sorrow, depression, inextricable difficulties, baseness, poverty and degeneracy are all outcome of ignorance. Whatever misdeeds, misconducts and mishaps happen to one it is due to ignorance and lack or reasoning by one. The way to overcome is this understanding supported by reason. Only with reason can one avoid errors of omission and commission.

As with ignorance and irrationality, unreasonable people also cause sorrow and hence staying away from them is wise. Under all unfavorable and dangerous circumstances, if reason and intelligent is our companion we can overcome the problems, avoid danger and find solution. The quiet man with great intellect. tranquility of mind and acting with reason stands apart from his peers.

The rational being is bestowed with many gifts. Reason is the lamp to show us right and wrong and instrument with which we accomplish our desires. With right reason any person can accomplish great things in life. The benefit of being rational, logical, thinking behavior are immense. A reasonable man possesses even, unobstructed, interminable and independent mind that leads to happiness. He feels neither elated or nor depressed with the events that happens to him. For a reasonable man, being steady, stable and fully conscious under all circumstance should be his approach to life.

A wise man should be aware of who he is, who he belongs to, what is his family, whom he is engaged with and what are his circumstances. He should also know the state of his business and the success of failure is solely dependent upon his judgement and knowledge.        He who is possessed with power of reason is said to be blessed with divine eyesight and becomes victorious in all his activities.

Great men must always be in full possession of their reasoning for otherwise it will lead to their fall. It is by means of reason one knows the truth, and by truth gets peace of mind, and this tranquility of mind that dispels the misery. Therefore, get rid of ignorance which is one’s greatest enemy, reason for one’s dangers and condemned by all.

Develop reasoning capacity by extensive reading, by being amidst knowledgeable folks and being guided by them. The happy mind filled with contentment, quiet intelligence and proclivity towards association with learned men is sure to meet with prosperity and success. A man though the exercise of his reason, comes to know his soul. The mind free from desires, senses calmness and such a man is relieved of the actions otherwise likely. It is the company of reasonable men that leads to understanding of life and cultivating characteristic required of greatness in men.

Those who are of great mind and who have known their natures and those of others by right reasoning are said to be honored by gods.             Let us work towards that.

  • Adapted from Yoga Vasistha