Renunciation of life

Renunciation. All religions give higher order of importance to renunciation. They espouse that as highest path if spiritual evolution. But have we understood what is real renunciation.

Renunciation is not wearing a particular color of robe. Be it red, ochre, white, grey and black etc. Renunciation is not growing hair, growing beard, growing tuft, or clean shaven. Renunciation is not fasting or feasting. Walking without slipper.  All these are external symbols that give the appearance of renunciation.

Renunciation is not living under the tree, or living in a monastery, living by river or mountain or living away from the society. Renunciation is not running away from serving the family, the community, the society that one lives in. For all these are cowardice and failing to do once assigned duty in life.

Life is a continues movement and action. A life without action is unimaginable. How one performs the action is what differentiates a renunciate from other. Man can control only what is his, and that is his sense organs, mind and intellect.

A renunciate is one who performs action that serves the society, being in it and yet not getting impacted by it. Working with the feeling that everything is being guided by a force that runs the world, sans doership,  desire, and expectations of result, with a mind of charity and not expecting anything in return.

He who does not depend on external contacts and stimulus , he who is happy within, his sins removed, his selves disciplined intent upon the welfare of all, peaceful within is a renunciate.

He who is willingly faces life of trials and tribulations happily, with the mind to accumulate experience, of putting to best use ones capabilities is a renunciate.

As mentioned in Bhagavad Gita, with senses, mind and reason ever controlled, solely pursuing liberation, the renunciate having done away with desires that cause  pain and sorrow as by product, having devoid of desire, fear and passion that leads to liberation is a renunciate.

Thus any one who leads the life, being in the society, working for self and society, with a detachment, not being troubled by ups and downs of life, taking it in ones stride, facing it bold, doing once duty in life what ever be the status in life, being happy is a renunciate.