Meditation – by “Osho”



Be silent,

close your eyes.

Feel your body to be completely frozen.

No movement.

Gather yourself in.

Just like an arrow,

move deeper and deeper within yourself.

Soon you will reach the one-hundred-foot pole

from where begins the journey into space.

Take a jump without looking back.

It is our space; it is our origin.


This awareness is your very nature;

you can forget it but you cannot lose it.

It cannot be stolen.

It is your very center.

Relax, but go on entering

deeper and deeper into yourself.

The body remains far away, miles away,

the mind remains miles away.

You are just a silent watchfulness,

a peace that passeth understanding,

a bliss that no word can express.

This is your ultimate nature.


Be silent, close your eyes.

Feel your body to be completely frozen.

Now look inwards.

Collect all your life energy just like an arrow

and without stopping anywhere go straight

forward to the center of your being.

This moment you are the buddha.

This moment you are the glory of being.

This moment all that is yours will be revealed to you,

all the secrets, all the miracles.

This Everest of consciousness is

Your ultimate nature.

On this path there is no specific meditation

The whole life is meditation – 24 X 7


Sitting, standing, walking; waking, sleeping,

meditation continues just like a thread in a garland of flowers.

Let your life be a garland with a consciousness

connecting every action, every movement, every mood,

and it will bring a total transformation.

You will be a new man

Each meditation will take away something false from you

and will bring some new, fresh quality.

Slowly, slowly a day comes when your whole life

becomes the life of a Buddha.


Be silent. Close your eyes.

Feel your body to be completely frozen.

Gather all your energy inwards.

Look, almost like an arrow,

searching deep for your center of being,

because your center of being is also

the center of the universe.

One who knows it becomes a Buddha.

Deeper and deeper…

This moment is precious.

You are very close to your own being

and to the being of the universe.

Realizing it is going to transform your whole life.

Without any fear… because it is your own territory,

it is your own space.

Nobody can enter here.

It has been waiting for you for millions of lives.

Just penetrate it and you will

find the greatest blessing showering on you.



Relax, let go of the body and the mind.

You are just a watcher.

The mind may be creating some dust,

the body may be feeling uncomfortable.

You are simply a watcher.

Don’t get identified, because this body will change,

this mind will change.

A thousand times they have already changed.

Only this watcher is your treasure, which always

remains… eternity to eternity.

Lao Tzu calls it Tao.

Buddha calls it Dhamma.

Whatever the name,

this is your pure existence.


It opens the doors of all the mysteries –

mysteries that you can feel, but you cannot say;

mysteries that you can sing, you can dance,

you can live, but you cannot say.

This is the world of Zen.


Now you can come back,

but come back not the same as you had gone in.

Come back much more solid,

much more integrated,

much more centered,

and then sit silently for a few moments

as a Buddha.


For the meditator there is no tomorrow.


Excerpt from “The Language of Existence” by Osho, Transcript of his speech later adapted into book.

P.S. – Osho is a remarkable person. One who can talk sublime and tripe in the same breath. If one has patience, can sift and slice through his writings one is sure to get great wisdom like pearl hunting, like lotus from mud pond.