All Things are Ephemeral

All things are ephemeral.

As amongst earthen pots

some break while still on the potter’s wheel,

some while partially shaped,

some as soon as brought into share,

some after removal from the wheel,

some while in course of being removed.

Some after removal,

some while wet,

some while dry,

some while being burnt,

some while being removed from the kiln,

some after removal therefrom, and

some while being used.

Even such is the case with the bodies of embodied creatures.

Some are destroyed while yet in the womb,

some after coming out of womb,

some on the day after,

some of the expiration of fortnight or of a month,

some on expiration of a year or two,

some in youth, some in middle age and some when old.

Creatures are born or destroyed according to their acts in previous lives.

When such is course of the world why do you then indulge in grief?

  • by Sage Vidhura, Mahabharatha