Challenges of Childhood

Childhood is touted as most happiest, carefree phase of ones life. it is a period of life when one is supposed to be well taken care of by the mother, father, siblings, extended family and society.They are supposed to be well provided for and safety and security assured. The entire world is supposed to be working overtime to provide stable, secure and sublime life to the children and to see the happy face of the child. Of course, this could not be validated by children themselves for they are incapable of expressing their feelings clearly. We all know the problems we face in youth, adulthood, and old age and in various conditions for by then one has developed the ability to communicate. much has been written about it. But reading below what ails the childhood is likely to take one by surprise. Henceforth let us be aware and act accordingly.

Quotes on  – Travails of Childhood –  Rama in “Yoga Vasistha”

We know not the travels of our bodies, as we do not know those of the winds, light and our thoughts. They all come and go, but from where and to where, we know nothing.

The attendants of infancy are a lack of strength and sense, diseases, dangers, muteness and sensual desires, joined with longings and helplessness.

Childhood is chained to fretting, crying, fits of anger, craving and every kind of incapacity, like an elephant chained to a post

How can boyhood be pleasing to anybody, when it is a semblance of gross ignorance, full of whims and hobbies, and ever subject to improper behavior?

Silly boyhood is in constant dread of dangers arising at every step from fire, water and air which rarely cause problems in other states of life.

Children are liable to very many errors in their plays and wicked frolics, and in all their wishes and attempts beyond their capacities. Therefore, boyhood is the most dangerous stage of life.

The minds of all living beings are ever restless, but those of young people are ten times more at unrest. The mind is naturally unsteady, and so is boyhood.

All kinds of miseries, misdeeds and improper behavior await on boyhood, as all sorts of men hang upon the rich.

Children are always fond of new things, and when they fail to get them, they fall to a fainting fit, as if from the effect of poison.

Children are subject to fear and voracious appetites. They are helpless but fond of everything they have seen or heard, and equally fickle in their bodies and mind. Hence boyhood is a source of only troubles.

The foolish and helpless child becomes sad and sour when he fails to get the object of his fancy and thwarted from the thing desired.

Children have much difficulty to get at the things they want, and which they can ask only by indistinct words. Hence no one suffers so much as children

Human mind is like a child and hence it must not be forced. Both mind and child should be trained gently with care and indulgence and not by force or hurry

Let us take care of our children.